Friday, January 22

Interesting facts about printers

We have printer and use printer but don’t know some interesting facts about it. Scroll down and read some facts about it!

  1. The first laser printer was created in 1985 by IBM. Its name was IBM 3800. The printer could print 180 pages every minutes yet its cost was $17000.
  2. Although laser printers were pricier than inkjet printers initially, the price of their cartridge was lesser than cartridges of inkjet printers. 
  3. PrintStik is the smallest printer in the world. Its weight is not more than 1.5 pounds and it can hold 20 sheets at time. You can carry it easily. Besides, it has Bluetooth as well.
  4. Big Image Systems has made the largest printer in the world. Its name is Infinitus. The printer is usually used to print backdrops for TV shows and movies.
  5. RISO has the record of making speedy printers that could print 150 pages in a minute.
  6. The ink of printers is quite expensive. The black ink of printer can be called as one of the priciest liquid in the world whose cost would be more than the cost of a gallon of oil and space shuttle fuel.
  7. Printers need more energy than computers. Laser printers need three times more energy and power than computers and desktops.
  8. Toner of the printer is too hot that you could melt it with warm water. Therefore, it is advised to use cold water when you spill toner on yourself.
  9. A company needs a gallon of oil to make one cartridge of a printer from the transportation of a cartridge to manufacture it.
  10. 3D printers can print food, houses and jewelry. They are considered as the future of printers that would reduce the price of many products a lot.
  11. Toner are bonded to the paper through fuser rollers and rollers reach up to 205 Celsius to melt toner so that words could be printed on paper. 
  12. Printing is one of the fourth greatest invention along with paper, compass and gunpowder. It was invented by Chinese. They used woodblock printing system initially in 220 AD and then they invented movable printer in 1040.

So, these are interesting facts about printers. You can get the best printers from any printer rental in Dubai. There are many shops that have used photocopy machine for sale in Dubai.