Friday, January 22

Know your real estate rights

It is important to consider the distinction between various suppliers in the real estate industry. I would clarify the roles of the three major service providers to help you meet your service requirements.

The services rendered normally by the property broker shall be limited to: mediation in the acquisition and disposal of transactions and brokerage for rented properties. The key touch point between the two parties in an immovable contract is the immovable broker; the seller-buyer or property owner. The intermediary is sometimes the agent for one of the parties or the negotiator representing the other side on behalf of the second mediator.

The unit owner is represented by property maintenance firms, operating on behalf of the property owner (construction, villa, condo, office, store, working camp, storage etc.). The rental value is exchanged either on behalf of the owner or after consulting with him or her; rent collection and the achievement of government and maintenance permits within the contract period; termination or extension of lease contracts, giving the tenants excellent clientele. from the marketing, advertising and sale of properties, pricing, and others.

Therefore, if the owner has a property management contract with a firm, the landlord has the right, as stipulated in the contract of both parties, to consult with the company on any aspect of its possession, including, but only not limiting itself to, the actual property such as renewals, notices or repair orders. The owners of the land (land, house, villa, store, etc.) are responsible for maintaining the property.

Where the landlord has negotiated with a property management firm, both parties may provide timely and competent services in the form of maintenance inspections, timely answer to queries and decide if the landlord or the occupant is responsible for these defects.

We encourage property owners often to enter into a separate contract for the upkeep of all their units in an upkeep and facilities management business that may raise their unit rental value in contrast with those other than those under such contracts.

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